HIIT Workout

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

Another HITT workout for you guys! Some days I wake up feeling weak with no energy…THIS was one of those days! But I always feel better once I get moving, and I definitely broke a sweat with this one!! You can do this workout anywhere – no equipment required…even if it’s not your best, get it in anywhere and anyway you can!  I did three reps of 15 seconds for each move. 



1. Upper Lower Jack Plank


Start in a push-up position with your feet and arms shoulder-width apart. Bring both feet out creating a V in a jumping jack motion while keeping your arms planted. Then quickly bring your feet back to your starting position. Then repeat the same in and out motion with your arms while keeping your feet planted. Repeat.

2. Forearm Plank Kick Under


3. Push Up Hop Toe Touch


Begin in a push up position. Bend your arms into a pushup. As you raise, explode your legs forward into a frog position while keeping both arms planted. Quickly bring your legs back to your starting position and reach your right arm to your left toe. Return to your starting position. Alternate and repeat.

4. Side Plank Oblique Crunch

Happily-Grey-HIIT-Side-Plank-Oblique-CrunchBegin in a Begin in a side plank with your right arm planted and your left arm bent behind your neck. Bend your right knee, and engaging your core, crunch up toward your left arm. Bring your body center int a plank position and then alternate sides.

5. Hops To Sit Thru


Start in a crouched position with your palms planted shoulder width a part. Extend both legs in an explosive motion to your right, then bring back to center, then left, then back to center. Then keeping your left leg bent, extend your right leg to the left, bringing it in front of your chest, then back to center. Repeat this motion with your left leg. Repeat.

6. Alternating Lateral Tap


Start in a squatted position with both legs bent. In a skating motion, extend your right leg out, Simultaneously keep your left leg bent and touch the floor with your corresponding hand. Repeat, alternating sides each time.


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