Medicine Ball Workout

Monday, July 27th, 2020

New medicine ball workout for you guys! This one is great for shaping and toning. I used an 8lbs medicine ball here. If you don’t have a medicine ball, unopened laundry detergent is about the same weight! Do 3 reps of 15 for each move and be sure to alternate sides!




Begin with both feet side by side in a standing position. Bring your left foot forward, bending your knee at a right angle into a lunge position. At the same time use both arms to extend your medicine ball out from your chest. Then, engaging your core twist your upper body at a 90° angle with your arms still extended. Bring back to center, and use the ball of your left foot to push back into a standing position. Repeat.


Begin with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend both knees into a squat position, holding the medicine ball to your chest. As you extend your body upward, bring your left leg out, then back into a squat position. Extend again, this time keeping both feet planted shoulder width apart, and give your medicine ball a short toss into the air. As you catch it, bring your body back into the squat position. Repeat alternating sides.


Begin with both knees on the ground, shoulder width apart. Holding the medicine ball, extend your arms and lift the ball across your body, over your left shoulder. In the same motion, bring the ball back towards your right hip, drawing a diagonal line ini the air with the medicine ball. Repeat this 15 times before alternating sides.


Begin in a plank position with the medicine ball placed under the palm of your left hand. Press down into a pushup. Once you are back into plank, roll the medicine ball gently under your opposite palm. Repeat.


Plant your left foot in front of your right, hip distance a part, holding the medicine ball at your chest. Bend your back right leg into a lunge position while bringing the medicine ball into a circle around your left thigh. Let your body naturally follow the motion of the ball back into a standing position. Repeat this 15 times before alternating sides.


Start with your feet planted shoulder width a part in a squat position. TIP: I like to imagine I am sitting in a chair. Holding the medicine ball, extend both arms out at a downward angle, and then bring the ball back in toward your chest in a rowing motion. Repeat this 15 times.

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  7. This new medicine ball workout sounds fantastic! I love the creative tip about using unopened laundry detergent if you don’t have a medicine ball. Can’t wait to try these moves for shaping and toning! Thanks for sharing

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