Thursday, May 16th, 2019


FINALLY! Time to start sharing interior details with you guys, and it feels S O good! Making this house a home has been a longer process than expected, but worth every second of the wait!

Your first peek – the kitchen! This is such special space to me, one of the most important in the house . . . There are few things things I love more than a house full of family and friends, making conversation over a yummy meal. With the open concept of our home, the kitchen sits at the center and is the natural gathering place. I wanted it to be beautiful yet functional, spacious and inviting.

My interior team did just that.  Final touches made it unique to us! The pegboard above the counter top is one of my favorite details… The wood is the perfect warm accent to the high contrast combo of black marble and white walls. With simplistic design, this juxtaposition really transforms the space. It also allows beautiful kitchen gadgets to be displayed artistically, than hide in a cabinet!

My favorite part- the custom spice-rack!

Every cook needs a one, and April (literally) dreamt this up for us! She transformed the stove hood, a common and necessary component of every kitchen, into something completely different! It’s the total focal point of the room now, like a tiny gallery wall or display.  She also used little cork bottles to hold all of the spices! It’s the little details that make such a huge difference! Functional, yet unique.

Speaking of functional… One of my favorite add-ons in the kitchen is this leather-strapped hanging bar hung between our windows. It’s an achievable, easy fix and totally usable! I love when beautiful design meets your every day needs.

Now, time to plan a dinner party!




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  1. Love the whole look!! Where can I find the product list? I am interested in the bar stools.

  2. It’s great that you’ve chosen to display your kitchen gadgets artistically rather than hiding them away in cabinets. It adds a personal and unique touch to the kitchen.

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  5. Wow, your kitchen looks absolutely stunning! I love how you’ve created a space that is not only beautiful but also functional and inviting. The pegboard above the counter top is a brilliant idea, adding warmth and character to the high contrast design. I

  6. I enjoy lovely design of your kitchen! I like how everything is arranged neatly, so it is really convenient to use. Your workspace looks very comfortable and stylish at the same time.

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