Wall Workout

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

New wall workout for you guys!! This one works your arms, abs and shoulders – no equipment needed! Do three sets of eight or three 20 second reps depending on the move and your arms and shoulders will BURN – it’s a good one you guys!! I get a lot of questions about whether or not I use weights – and while I do sometimes incorporate weights into my workouts, I find that some of the hardest workouts for me just use bodyweight at a high intensity. Let me know what you guys think!




Start in a plank position with both arms shoulder width apart. Then lift your right arm so your palm is flat against the wall. Engaging your core, raise your left arm so it’s parallel with the right – you should create a triangle between the wall, your body and the floor. With your core still engaged, lower your right arm to the floor followed by the left until you’re back into a plank position.


Start with both arms shoulder width apart with your feet balanced above your head at an angle against the wall. (TIP: To get your balance in this position, start with both hands on the ground with your feet pushed up against the wall and walk your feet up the wall while inching your arms back so you’re not too far from the wall.)  Then, bend your left knee and pull it towards your right hip into a twisting motion. Straighten your leg as you bring it back to the wall and switch legs to repeat the motion.


Start with your palms placed shoulder width apart on the floor with the balls of your feet pressed up against the base of your wall. Walk your feet up the wall, engaging your core until both legs are angled in line with your arms. Then, walk your feet back own into a tucked position. Repeat.


With your hands shoulder width apart, start with you knees slightly bent in a tucked position. Then, lift both legs so the balls of your feet touch the wall. As soon as they touch – bring both feet back towards the floor, and then quickly raise again. Repeat. 


Wall Mountain Climbers

Again, with your hands shoulder width apart, begin with the balls of your feet pressed up against the wall with your legs in line with your arms to make a straight line. Bend your left leg and bring in toward your stomach. Extend back toward the wall to straighten – at the same time, bending your right leg and bringing it in toward your stomach. Repeat this as quickly as you can for 20 seconds.


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