Thursday, August 8th, 2019

Sharing more home details!! Next up – shades and drapes.

I’ve gotten SO MANY questions about our window treatments, and they really do make all the difference in a space.

We ended up using The Shade Store for practically every room in our house. What I loved most about The Shade Store was being able to customize our window treatments based on our needs & wants for each space – and they have SO many options. Both aesthetically and functionally, I love how everything turned out.

Sharing more pics below (some pre-Navy :))- can’t wait to hear what you think!!

In most of the main living areas – kitchen, bonus room, family room and dining room – we used the Roman Shade. I LOVE the clean lines and textured aesthetic of this shade (I chose shades from the woven wood collection). And they’re actually EASY TO USE!!

I can’t tell you how many times in the past I avoided putting up or down the blinds because it was too cumbersome. With the Roman Shade, I love to adjust based on the time of day so I can still enjoy that dreamy natural light without it being overpowering. The bottom fold of the looks super clean look when it’s lowered and folds into a neat textured stack when raised.

We also used the Roman Shade for both the upstairs and downstairs master. Here – we decided to go with a less translucent material to block out light for sleeping.

In the guest bedroom, I wanted the vibe of this space to be more ethereal so I went with a delicate custom drape – I’m obsessed with the shadow play of the drapery when the natural light pours in!


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16 responses to “HOME DETAILS: SHADES & DRAPES

  1. Love these shades so much! I’m curious which color, fabric and texture are the ones in the living room?

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