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Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

A coffee table book is one of my MOST favorite accessories for the home.  A beautiful book is a true statement piece! Thoughtfully arranged, perfectly placed, and strategically stacked; just sitting waiting to be opened.  An inspired collection brings context to a space, helping to define a room and the person that lives in it.  Fashion, art, music, photography, food. . . the subject list goes on forever.

The very best coffee table books extend beyond their subject.  Covers are like art – eye candy and conversation starters.  Meaningful and special, mine is a curated collection of memories- adventures, people, and places that matter to me.

Assouline’s DIOR? Purchased during my first Paris Fashion Week as a reminder of what fairytale fashion looks like.  My Peter Lindbergh book? A reward for my first big campaign, and a constant source of inspiration before shoots.  Greatness is Out There was a gift from Madison our first Valentine’s Day.   A Very Serious Cookbook, I discovered in NYC when I was conceptualizing our new kitchen.




A perfectly picked book, there’s nothing more thoughtful to give. I gifted The House that Pinterest Built by Dianne Keaton to my sister when she was buying her first home.  I was given my Yves Saint Laurent when Happily Grey crossed a career milestone.  I absolutely love that a home accessory can remind us of such special times.

Book shopping – I snap pics when I see one I love.  Bringing a great book home from an adventure abroad, or maybe from an afternoon of wandering the local bookstore, no matter . . . each one means something to me.  They all hold pages of things that inspire me, and ultimately Happily Grey.


Coffee table books Happily Grey

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Coffee table books Happily Grey


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10 responses to “Home’s Best Accessory

  1. I love your outlook on books, and couldn’t agree more that a thoughtfully selected one makes for a great gift- for someone else or yourself. Your collection is quite swoon-worthy…

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