Indie’s Nursery

Wednesday, March 31st, 2021

SO EXCITED to share this reveal with you guys!! Designing Indie’s room and watching it come together has been a sweet process, made even more special now that he’s finally here! I’ve always wanted to design a boy’s room around rich, weathered, leather tones with a slight cowboy lean – Mad and I are from southern Texas and Louisiana so it’s in our roots =) It was important for there to be nods to mine and Mad’s childhood, while still feeling true to our style. From the deep, rich colors to textural decor elements, I wanted leather tones to be the feature of the space. 

We partnered with Pottery Barn Kids to outfit Indie’s nursery with core furniture pieces and furnishings that tie the room together. This nursery was a labor of love and every component of the design turned out better than I envisioned – can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


WORN LEATHER was the design inspiration for the nursery. Rather than a bright and airy color palette we went with warm, darker tones. I chose sealskin as the wall color – a deep, rich option from Sherwin-Williams, Build Nashville created a beautiful custom oak wood slat wall, and we focused on leather decor as a recurring theme. I also opted for a HUGE wallpaper feature which spans 260 inches wide adding a brighter element – it’s one of my favorite parts of the space! I love how the blend of darker design components with softer tones and textures brings balance to the room.

As I try new things and experience different interior projects, I’ve become more confident to be bold in my designs. Whether it’s dark paint colors, unique wallpaper, or a textured feature wall, don’t be afraid to be adventurous in your design choices and really GO FOR IT. This room would have been a totally different style if I held back but I’m so happy with the outcome!!

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It was important for me to find furniture options that can grow with Indie. I decided on a dresser from Pottery Barn Kids that I’ve secured his changing pad to, rather than a piece with a built in changing station. My hope is he’ll be able to use it beyond the nursery. I selected Navy’s dresser with the same mindset and I love knowing they will both have pieces to last forever.

While safety was the most important feature for choosing Indie’s crib I also wanted it to be slim, modern and complement the other wood and leather tones. We went with a convertible crib – also from Pottery Barn Kids, which adapts from a crib to a cozy toddler bed! It plays really well with the color scheme in the room and can grow with him, too.

Not only are the pieces in Indie’s room beautiful, modern and a perfect accent wood tone, but they are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly which puts me at ease.

One of my favorite ways to add personality to a space is through ART. It adds meaning and a personalized touch, while tying all design elements of a room together. My preferred place to find art is Minted. The playroom, Navy’s nursery (and toddler room) and Indie’s nursery all feature Minted art. You could say I’m a fan of their pieces =)) They have a variety of designs which make it easy to find pieces to match many different decor styles.

I initially thought about featuring art, decor pieces, and found objects in a gallery wall style above Indie’s crib. I played with the layout about 15 different ways and decided to keep it uncomplicated with just one piece. I love playing with art through size and scale in a room. While a large piece of art makes a dramatic statement, I like the simplicity and impact that a small, single piece of art can have when used in the right space. 

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