Top 5 Pantry Organization Tips

Thursday, January 28th, 2021

HELLO 2021. First on the agenda…pantry clean out. Who’s with me? Starting the year off with a clean pantry was at the top of my list. With a wild toddler and number two on the way organization and decluttering keeps me sane and the pantry is ONLY the beginning. About 2 years ago The Home Edit came in and give us a blueprint for keeping our pantry tidy and I try to do clean outs every 6 months. Reorganization and nesting is in full swing at the Lee house! Here are my top tips for pantry organization…

Good luck with yours!!


Start with 5-10 categories

All your pantry items should fit into categories, which will vary and depend on the size of your family and the space in your pantry. Here are mine:


Let’s talk storage

Functional storage is the best gift you can give your pantry. We all make multiple stops there throughout the day and even more when you have a frequent visitor…(hello crazy, hungry toddler), and storage is the key to keeping everything in its place. Some of my favorite pieces are these glass/wood canisters, and the stacking bins, the two tier lazy Susan, and the large clear canisters, from The Home Edit collection at The Container Store.


Baskets are best

Drinks, food, or individually packaged snacks that won’t go into storage containers still need a “home” in the pantry. Put them in baskets to keep everything together, like these wire mesh baskets in our pantry. Say goodbye to bulky boxes….everything is in one place, clutter free!


Labels are your friend

As you’re throwing away packaging and re-filling containers, it’ll be helpful to quickly know what everything is…especially because you don’t want to reach for the salt when you need the sugar for a recipe…no thank you! These labels from The Container Store are my favorites and we use bin clips for baskets.


Policing the pantry

This is especially important with kiddos under 3. Navy tries to raid the pantry 20 times a day so we’ve had to be smart (and creative) about keeping her out. The best way to block sticky toddler fingers in the pantry is by adding a lock, otherwise Navy would be in there allll day. I also keep all of her snacks together…UP HIGH, so that she has to ask me when she wants something. Some of my favorite snacks for Navy are Hippeas, goldfish, macro bars, dried mango and animal crackers.


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