Top 5 Tips to Update Your Bedroom

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020
Our master bedroom is the space for Mad and I to unplug and re-charge. My vision for the room was warm tones and textures—woods, leathers and soft linens…but between a toddler and two Great Danes, warm can quickly verge on worn – ha! I was really excited to partner with Brooklinen to give our Master an update starting with the bedding! I wanted the mood to feel crisp, fresh, and clean…basically what every toddler and dog mom could only wish for! =)
Here’s everything we did…5 tips to freshen it up!


1. Bedding

New bedding makes a room feel bright and crisp. I typically gravitate toward a clean white as a neutral palette to play with as a base and add color and texture through pillows and throws. Keep in mind too that new bedding isn’t all about the aesthetic. I like Brooklinen because it actually FEELS amazing. Our fav is the Luxe Move-In Ready Bundle.

2. Greens

Plants completely change the atmosphere of a space and bring life into a room while also adding a splash of color. Beautiful but not overpowering.

3. Full Length Mirror

Adding a mirror expands the space and makes it feel bigger than it actually is. Mirrors also reflect light and make a room feel bright and spacious.

4. Art

Special pieces helps to elevates a space, add meaning, and personality. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and push the limits here. 

5. Rearrange

Make a change. It doesn’t have to be big a big one. It can be as small as moving a candle from one table to the other…OR as major as changing the layout of your space. I like to find the balance between comfort and change :).

I started wearing Brooklinen’s loungewear over a year ago and practically live in it now. It’s amazing…soft, breathable, and lightweight (Mad is also a big fan of the menswear).

Also the bath towels!! I’m a big bath gal…candle, book, and wine every night. We have the Super Plush in white and it literally feels like I’m walking out of a spa. SO, I was really excited about their bedding. And you guys – it feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud…SO soft. The real challenge will be keeping Miles out of the bed – ha!


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