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Monday, August 24th, 2020

Office reveal!!! This has been SUCH a long time coming but worth the wait. We started our build-out for our HGHQ headquarters almost two years ago (my team was working out of the bonus room in my house during construction!)  Then after two months of being in office, had to shut our doors due to the pandemic.

It’s been a slow process putting all the finishing touches on the space since February. But I’m SO happy with the end result. And after everything, I’m more grateful than ever for this space.

The building used to be a restaurant warehouse. I remember driving by it years ago, dreaming about one day having an office in the space. I loved the distressed brick and massive windows. As soon as the space became available, I knew it was the perfect spot for our headquarters.

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In this Photo

As the team has grown this past year,  I wanted a place where we could collaborate and feel inspired. To play on the natural light, I envisioned a space with lots of bright whites, warm earth tones, leathers and pops of contrast.

I designed the main area to be a communal work space for the team. I chose a white marble table from Rove Concepts because of its unique shape. For a mod look, I paired it with tulip chairs. I found these massive mod, rounded pendants from Hudson Valley and decided to line the ceiling to the back wall Rather than do built-ins here, we were able to save money and used container store for the open shelving with IKEA cabinets underneath for extra storage. Rather than an expensive granite, I chose a durable white counter surface to go over the cabinets to give us more shelf area.

For the seating area, I envisioned something warm and cozy I chose a Carmel leather couch from Rove and paired it with two chairs from Masaya & Co– an amazing company also in L&L Marketplace. They have the most INCREDIBLE hand made pieces and as a part of their mission, plant trees to help restore the environment. I struggled to find a rug that fit the space, but finally found one I loved from Nordic Knots. As soon as we put it down, the space felt complete!

In this Photo

One of my favorite elements of the office is our book wall. I shared a tutorial on the blog with more process details here. I love the sharp contrast it brings to the room as an art element.

For my office, I wanted to do something unique. I saw an inspo picture for a windowed space and loved the way the glass mirrored the larger windows in the room. I carried the leathers, whites and charcoals into this smaller space – made complete with my growing plant obsession (I think I have a problem)!

So happy to be back in office working (socially distanced :)) with my team. 




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