Hong Kong

City Guide

A travel lover’s DREAM. The energy of Hong Kong is palpable from the moment you step into the city – and unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Amazing skyscrapers surrounded by mountains with so many lights and colors to take in – sensory O V E R L O A D.

You could eat and drink your way through the city… and believe me, we definitely tried!! A must in Hong Kong is the seafood. The city is surrounded by water, so everything is FRESH – and so colorful!!

One of my favorite parts of travel is experiencing something new, and at every turn of this trip, I felt like I was constantly being surprised by a taste, color or sound I had never encountered before. From the iconic water backdrop to the bustling neon-lit streets – this place is truly something you have to experience for yourself!

This trip was in the summer, and I will admit- it was pretty hot!  Next time I go, I would plan for mid-October to avoid the humidity. If you do plan on going in the summertime, I’d recommend some airy jumpsuits that breathe well.

Below are some of my highlights from my trip – but I hope you get to see it for yourself!


Shareable plates with punchy flavors! I highly recommend the brussell sprouts and the cauliflower – YUM!

I may or may not have had their matcha soft serve 😉 And more than once – haha. It was hard to choose from all of their amazing desserts. The cream puffs are on my list for next visit!

One of the most spectacular views in the city… cocktails at the Ozone Bar is a must-do in Hong Kong. We sipped wine and took in the view, and it was one of my ABSOLUTE favorite moments of the trip!

Multi-sensory cocktail bar – I’ve never seen drinks like these!! I felt like I was in a science lab watching them being made. They used the CRAZIEST textures and ingredients! We had a blast ordering a few different ones and trying them all.

There are two Ronins in Hong Kong, so make sure you go to the one on Wo Lane! They have amazing seafood. I recommend the market tasting menu! Definitely make a reservation.

Little to no décor, but none needed once the peking duck arrives. One of the tastiest in the city!

Coolest ambience with tasty fusion food – I ordered their dumplings (my fave) and we got sushi to share. LOVED this unique spot!

Great spot for an upscale lunch, with stunning views of the Victoria Harbour. I ordered a hot tea and shredded apple salad.

This speakeasy is hidden behind an umbrella shop!! Sipping a cocktail to their live jazz was the perfect way to end our night 😉

Victoria Harbour is beautiful on its own, but the lights make it even more incredible. The show has been on every night for years – seeing the city lit up against the water is UNREAL.

Go-to place for shops, souvenirs and little locally owned markets!! It’s not as crowded as you would think and we had fun spending a few hours exploring.

One of the craziest things about Hong Kong is the huge metro set alongside the beach shore – so, of course, we had to do the beach at least once ;). We did Shek O on the eastern end of the city.

You can take a ferry from Hong Kong to Po Toi for a fun day trip. If you do, stop for some fresh seafood at Ming Kee restaurant – YUM!

The Hong Kong Big Buddha is one of the largest seated statues in the world! Made of solid bronze, the Big Buddha is fairly new (1993 unveiling) but super cool to see!!

Incredible views – take a tram ride up, then soak it in! There’s also shopping and dining at the top – definitely worth a few hours to stop.

One of my favorite ways to start the morning – we woke up really early to hike the trail, and the view was SO worth it.

This hotel is a COMPLETE retreat – located within the Hong Kong business and fashion district. My favorite part – the in-room hot tub ;).

I am a huge fan of The Peninsula hotels, and their hotel in Hong Kong is no exception. I stopped by for tea one day. They also have great dining options and an AMAZING spa.

The ultimate culinary and wellness destination – Four Seasons never disappoints. The home to eight Michelin stars, it goes without saying the food is SO good!!