City Guide

The land of fire and ice, Iceland has always been on my bucket list!

Famous for the endless natural attractions and UNWORLDLY BEAUTY . . . and it did not disappoint. It is by far the most stunning place I’ve ever been and each adventure led us to places and things that felt straight out of Narnia. Active volcanoes, steaming hot springs, bubbling geysers and gorgeous glaciers . . . we were determined to see it all!

I’ve heard that the country looks completely different in winter than it does summer, so I planning a return to see the longer days of sunshine and warmer weather. This trip was taken in February, however and with only six hours of daylight; there wasn’t a moment to spare!

We flew in on a red-eye, landed at six a.m., rented a car, dropped our bags, and headed out. There are some truly gorgeous hotels in Iceland, and even more charming local farmhouses you can easily rent rooms in. For ultimate freedom and flexibility we rented a ride of our own (with chains on the tires) and a cozy cottage through Airbnb. I highly recommend it!


About a two-hour drive from Reykjavik and one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland. There are few places to stop along the way so be sure to pack a picnic lunch and loads of extra clothes! The spectacular rainbows will have you desperate to get up close, so pack a change of clothes, the spray left me soaked and frozen.

E P I C ! Imagine a fleet of white Super Jeeps roaring through the snowy mountains and the Golden Circle. Out in the middle of nowhere, it’s a complete whiteout. It was UNREAL!

This is an absolute MUST SEE! In a geothermal field, the Geysir explodes every 4- 5 MIN like clockwork. We sat and watched it for nearly an hour trying to capture its wild beauty!

Located in the south region this was by far my most favorite waterfall and here’s why- you can walk BEHIND it! It’s stunning seeing it from the inside out! Pro tip- gear up for this one. You do get soaked and it is quite slippery. BE CAREFUL in your exploring!

Located in the South Island, we did a tour for this amazing glacier fed waterfall. It was completely frozen when we were there, and in the most stunning shades of blue and green!

By far the BEST THING WE DID and one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen! Located on the SE side of the country. The last minute decision made it a five our drive for us, but I would recommend flying if you can. You can hear the cracking sound of the icebergs as they move and float around. Lifetime experience.

One of my favorite restaurants of all time and the best in Iceland! Icelandic cuisine with a modern twist, it’s an absolute must. We went for dinner after a 12hr day of driving, hiking, and shooting and ordered EVERYTING on the menu. Not a bad bite and the wine was amazing!

A futuristic revolving fine dining in a beautiful glass dome in a park with incredible 360 views.

A luxurious resort in the wilderness. The adventurous can snowmobile, and take advantage of heli-skiing in March.

Remote luxury – a cozy retreat with the most amazing views of Snaefell Glacier and the Atlantic Ocean. The best part- a night concierge will wake you up if the Northern Lights make an appearance.

The perfect locale if you’re interested in Into The Glacier and Viogelmir, plus they have amazing onsite Geothermal baths.