City Guide

Hi London. Oh how I’ve missed you so! Hands down my favorite city in the world…and especially my sweet, quaint Marylebone. Never fails, I get the same feeling every time I land at Heathrow and only fall deeper in love with each visit. 

This trip was especially one for the memory book as it was Mad, Navy, and I’s first time together as a family. So fun getting to show them around and experience it through their eyes. Also couldn’t think of a better place to spend my 33rd BIRTHDAY, truly so magical! 

There are many great areas to stay but 8 years ago I stayed in Marylebone for my first visit to the city and now always, always book in this area. It’s quaint, small, beautiful, and especially charming. The old orange brick buildings and winding streets make for a picturesque setting. We stayed at an AirBnb around the corner from Chiltern Street and one block over from High Street. Perfect location for tons of amazing food and shopping! 

Whether it is the nostalgia or the simplicity of the city, there is just something about London/Marylebone that’s hard to describe. One of the few places my mind releases and this  child-like wonder floods my imagination. 

If you are looking for an enchanting escape that is both cozy and quaint but still has a buzz THIS is it! 


The Chiltern Firehouse is a hotel/restaurant built in the 1800’s and it has a LOT of charm. The interior is seriously unreal, so extravagant and crazy beautiful!! We ate brunch by fireside and I had the eggs Benedict. This is a cozy place to enjoy a very nice meal.

Chiltern Street is full of amazing restaurant options. We stopped for lunch at a little neighborhood deli in the heart of Marylebone called Chiltern Street Deli, which has so many great choices! Plus there is great outdoor seating and some of the best brownies that I have ever had!! 

Arro Coffee is a cute little corner coffee shop with roots of Italian cuisine so the coffee and food are both amazing here!! Definitely recommend stopping in while you’re in Marylebone. 

This is where we did our daily walks since it was just 3 blocks from our AirBnB. There are large open spaces a little pond, and beautiful tree lined paths. Navy loved the ducks and swans in the pond, it was super entertaining! This is an awesome spot if you have kids and need a place to let them run around!

You guyysss this place is so cool!! Four levels of different and AMAZING antique vendors where you can find really nice vintage and mod furniture!! Plus there is a rooftop cafe to stop by if you need a little break.

I honestly wish this was close to Nashville because picking out furniture here would be incredible!!  Very Art Deco style and such a gorgeous selection. There are also more shops like this on the same street- one with a yellow door front- (no name) that has amazing finds as well!! 

The most AMAZING book store!! Daunt books is super famous for its beautiful book-lined walls. In the back of the store there is a really cool section with books from each country. It’s a great spot for both adults and kiddos. I always make a point to stop in, you could seriously get lost in here! Definitely take time to visit, it is such a charming little spot! 



Ok I fell in love with this place!! It’s new so this was my first time here. They create personalized oils specifically for you aimed to help with anything from sleep to anxiety. It is SUCH a beautiful and calming store and the staff is very knowledgable to help you find the perfect blend for what you need. Loved my experience there! 



Chiltrin Street is a MUST in Marylebone. There is so much going on, it is one of the best places to just walk up and down and take it all in, plus a good spot for eating and shopping! There are amazing restaurants and really cool boutiques and little shops lining the street. Everrryything along this street is beautiful and it makes a great photo location!

Sunspel is a really beautiful and sleek storefront. They specialize in luxury knitwear and classic staple pieces for both men and women, so Mad and I BOTH loved it here!! This would be such a great place to get a classic,  investment piece for your wardrobe. Such beautiful things

I stopped in here multiple times because I love it so much!! I bought my first Kassl bag here and I seriously carry it all the time. Such an amazingly curated selection of pieces from a variety of designers and styles. And if you want something that is unavailable in the store they will bring it in to the store from their online warehouse for you. The best spot in Marylebone for modern luxury shopping! 

The rain never bothers me (reason 1,000 why I could live here) buuuut that’s just me! On rainy days the Wallace Collection in London is a great option. A free museum with an amazing collection of paintings, sculpture, and furniture, it is perfect for when you want to stay warm and dry!

This is a must do when you are here!! I loooovee a thoughtful handwritten note! Quill has really beautiful, modern stationary to choose from plus tools to make your own! Such a cute storefront with a sign that says “kind words cost nothing”. LOVE that. 



While this is definitely a classic tourist destination, you have to visit if you haven’t before. It is filled with so much history and although it was not our first time visiting, it was every bit as grand as we remembered. 

Natural History Museum is SUCH a good idea if you are looking for kid friendly things to do. There is lots to see and we had so much fun here with Navy! Plus this is another good idea for when bad weather hits.

Like Chiltern Street, Marylebone High Street can’t be missed when you’re here. A long street with incredible shopping and a really good spot for food. There are so many coffee shops, little bars and shops too. Another very charming, picturesque strip and a great spot for photos!

Airmail is a shop filled to the brim with a wide selection of curated magazines and newspapers. Such a cool spot with unique options. Also a great spot to get a mid-afternoon oat milk latte! 

The AirbnB we stayed at was in such a great location. We were close to Chiltern Street as well as High Street, so we were kind of at the center of everything! The flat had really charming furniture and was pretty spacious. We also had great views of the street below. Navy LOVED looking through the window watching all the cars go by and waving to people walking!!  

This is an amazing option if your looking for a little more luxury. The style of The Langham has been around since the late 1800’s and is classically London with Victorian charm. We didn’t stay here this time around but it is on my list for the next visit!! 

We didn’t stay here because we thought an AirBnb would be an easier option traveling with a toddler. But this a modern hotel with an amazing rooftop and beautiful rooms is a really great option if a hotel is more your vibe!